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Yaesu MH-48 / MH-31

As of December 2018, I'm adding the Yaesu MH-48 hand mic to my upgrade list. Many Yaesu mobiles are shipped with this mic. I've heard from several hams lately that the audio lacks punch and fidelity using the "48".

I recently designed an upgrade that provides more audio drive and wider frequency response so you get top-shelf audio quality from these mobiles. The Yaesu FM mobiles already have some of the best TX audio out there and this upgrade kicks it up another notch. C4FM also benefits from cleaner audio and it can use the help!

In addition to the new element install, I change two SMD coupler caps that really restrict the audio. The result is a marked improvement.

The MH-31 is a dynamic mic and I can convert it to condenser for a huge improvement in quality. You are going to love the new sound.

Turn-around is still same-day on this end. Price is also the same, $55 total. The upgrade is $43 plus shipping. Glad to help you with attaining excellent audio reports!

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