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Icom PTT Switch Replacement

The HM-151 is shipped with the IC-7000 and can be used on the IC-7100. The IC-7000 really benefits from the upgrade. If you find you don't have enough audio with the IC-7100, get this upgrade!

 The HM-36 is shipped with many Icom radios including the IC-756 series, IC-7200, IC-7600, 7700, 7800. This upgrade provides +40% more audio as well as more bottom end.

The HM-133 is shipped with the ID-880H, ID-2820, IC-2800H IC-2100H IC-2710H IC-2720H IC-207H. The upgrade provides +40% more audio and brings back more bass in the radios for better Dstar and FM.

The HM-154T is a DTMF mic used on several Icom mobile radios. Need more drive and bass?
This upgrade gives you exactly that - while leaving DTMF performance stock.

The HM-207 is shipping with the ID-5100 and benefits from an element upgrade the rest of the enhancement mods. It makes a great radio -even better!

For those who can perform circuit modification on SMD component circuit boards, I'll ship you a kit with all the components and a video instructional on installation.

Elecraft MH-3

and MH-2 mics for the KX-3 and K-3 are upgradable. The upgrade provides 30% drive level boost and better punch.

The Xiegu X108

HF radio comes

with a mic that

looks like a Icom HM-151. It is NOT. I upgrade this mic for top quality audio using my type #2 element and full modification


Mic Kit Info
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