Xiegu X108 / X5105 /G90 Microphone Upgrade

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The Microphone supplied with the Xiegu QRP portable radios looks like an Icom HM-151. It is NOT. Inside, the circuit-board is totally different. Construction quality is very good though.

Upon experimentation with a few X108 owners, I've developed a custom upgrade for this mic. It uses my Type #2 element which results in increased drive and higher signal to noise than the original element setup. I do change the audio coupler cap with a SMD cap which tailors the response curve so that you are able to maintain higher TX audio levels and power output.

A warning to folks who are upgrading this mic themselves. The element is extremely difficult to extract and you can easily damage the board. Use a vacuum solder sucker at about 425F and slowly ease it out.

The things I do to make this mic shine are:

1. Replace the element with a type #2 element which offers superior performance to the stock one.

2. Change the SMD coupler cap to tailor the response curve.

3. Increase the mic shell opening slightly.

4. Add a silk and foam pop filter.

5. Add acoustic foam in the rear shell.

6. Add 1oz of metal to deaden the shell (that plastic hollow sound) - and give it the correct

weight in the hand. This small detail makes a really nice difference.


Price is the same as all the other upgrades: $54 total - $12 of which is for the Priority return shipping insured for full value.