Xiegu X108 / X5105 /G90 Microphone Upgrade

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The Microphone supplied with the Xiegu QRP portable radios looks like an Icom HM-151. It is NOT. Inside, the circuit-board is totally different. Construction quality is very good though.

Upon experimentation with a few X108 owners, I've developed a custom upgrade for this mic. It uses my Type #2 element which results in increased drive and higher signal to noise than the original element setup. I do change the audio coupler cap with a SMD cap which tailors the response curve so that you are able to maintain higher TX audio levels and power output.

A warning to folks who are upgrading this mic themselves. The element is extremely difficult to extract and you can easily damage the board. Use a vacuum solder sucker and slowly ease it out.

The things I do to make this mic shine are:

1. Replace the element with a type #2 element which offers superior performance to the stock one.

2. Change the SMD coupler cap to tailor the response curve.

3. Increase the mic shell opening slightly.

4. Add a silk and foam pop filter.

5. Add acoustic foam in the rear shell.

6. Add 1oz of metal to deaden the shell (that plastic hollow sound) - and give it the correct

weight in the hand. This small detail makes a really nice difference.


I've decided to price these 10% lower at $47  - $11 of which is for the Priority return shipping insured for full value.

NOTE: Xiegu G90 Firmware 1.71, 1.72, 1.73 all have a flaw where mic gain is way too loud. Do not send Xiegu mics to me for the G90 until Xiegu fixes this firmware issue. They stated that they fixed it in 1.73, but it is not fixed yet. For those of you who have upgraded mics for me for he G90, set your mic gain at 1 for the time being.  Sorry about this! Xiegu has been responsive so far. Hopefully in 1.7.4, this will be fixed.. 73's Bob

Created by Bob Nagy - AB5N