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Elecraft MH-2 and MH-3 Mic Upgrades



First, Hats off to our friends at Elecraft for making some of the best hams radios ever designed.

The K3, K3S and KX-3 radios are cutting-edge pieces of technology. My upgrade is especially good

for those with KX-3's.


As for the mics, the MH-3 mic is no slouch. It's made well and the internal circuit board and element are high-quality. Thing is, when you are running 10 watts on a KX-3, you need a really excellent mic in order to be heard.  Soon after my KX-3 came in, I changed the element and audio coupler cap in my MH-3 and it sounded better immediately.  I no longer had to speak in my DX-er voice to get full power out. Also, I got superb audio reports. "Smooth", "natural".... and It just had a lot more presence overall. I've had time to tweek the upgrade since then....including a new custom-made element made to precisely drive the Elecraft radios.


So if you want noticeably better TX audio on the KX-3, have your MH-3 upgraded with my type #3 element.

I change the SMD audio coupler cap as well for a flatter response curve. I can tailor the audio for your exact type of voice too. Email me if you have an extra low or soft voice. I send back suggested TX EQ settings to get you going fast. Of course, if you'd like wider frequency response and more drive for your K3... This upgrade can help as well.

Those who use AM, FM or ESSB on either radio - will appreciate this.


The MH-2 is also upgradable. It is a simple older mic with a condenser element. It also takes the type #3

element perfectly.


Turn around time is same-day (if at all possible). Cost is $55 on either of these mics and that includes priority insured 2-3 day return shipping (which is $12 of the total). Personal check is fine, Money order is better. No delays in either case.


MH-3 Stock

MH-3 Upgraded

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