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PTT Switch replacment - HM-151 / 133

The other weak thing in the HM-series mics is the PTT switch. Even if you never use the mic, the PTT switch can go out after a few years. The contact disk inside the microswitch oxidizes. I have in stock some high-quality PTT replacement switches. This problem affects the 151 and 133 mics. The newest mics (2015) have a new PTT switch. We will see if it is good in the long-run.


The installation is a bear and takes a while to do. I can't charge what it is worth time-wise, but I also cannot let people go without a working mic because of a PTT switch.


So, it's $19.50 for the PTT replacement /upgrade. This can be done when you get your mic element upgrade. Total for both services is $69.50. 

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