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Ordering Info

I'll upgrade your HM-151, HM-36, HM-133, HM-207, HM-154T, MH-3 or Xiegu mic for $43.00 plus return shipping ($55 total). Nobody wants to loose their mic, so you send it pre-paid to me and I'll promise 24 hr turn-around (I do them all immediately).

Shipping both ways is up to you. It would be possible to have as little as a 72 hr door to door upgrade (with over-night shipping both directions). It's your choice.

As soon as I receive your mic, I'll perform the upgrade that day and have it packed and re-shipped a few hours later unless it arrives late Saturday. I'll ship the original parts back to you as well. I've set the price where it covers the parts and a little time for me, but is still much less expensive than the next cheapest option (installing a ham-brand element and cap yourself). I'm trying to make it an easy decision.


My upgrade Process for HM-151, HM-133, HM-207  etc. -and Xiegu mic

1. Tag the mic with your name and calls (in-house tracking)

2. Test the mic for proper operation when it arrives

3. Dis-assemble it and do all circuit modifications.

4. Do initial audio check with service monitor

5. Add shaped acoustic foam to the shell to kill "hollowness".

6. Add 1oz weight to rear shell - potted in cement

7. Widen mic opening to 5/64ths and affix a white silk wind screen and thin foam slice behind it. (Pop filter)

8. Re-assemble it and test all functions. (FM, SSB, buttons)

9. Re-pack it, label it and ship it back.

10. Email you with a status report

Weight option: Icom neglected to add a ballast weight to the 133, 207 and 151. Most manufacturers do this to improve the mic's feel in your hand. I've found that adding a one ounce weight behind the acoustic foam really makes the mic handle better. If you DO NOT want this option, indicate so on your order.

I believe this is the most cost-effective way to address this problem. There are mods out there on the web, but they all work to different degrees. If you want a custom element and the best possible performance, send me your microphone.

The short-term loss of your mic (shipping it here) will be well worth the long-term pleasure you have by using a microphone with the correct levels and response to match the radio.  If you don't agree it's a worthy improvement, just send it back and I'll un-mod it - and refund your money - no questions. I want you to be really happy with the performance or I'm not keeping your money. I've got over 10,000 happy customers.

To Ship:

I suggest using a US Post office priority mail shipping box.
It is free at the post office.
It takes about 2-3 days and is about $12 with full value insurance

Remove the mic's coil cord on the 151 and 133. (press pin rear-bottom) (HM-36 cord is not removable) I'll need you name, shipping address and tell me if you do not want the added ballast weight.  Easiest method is to just bring your mic in a zip-loc bag with the note - to the post office. They can make a postal money order right there ($55.00) and provide everything else you need free. Presto. I'm fine with personal checks (no delay). PayPal is an option too, but they take $2.50 from every transaction. You can ship it UPS or FedEx as well. ( Pack it in a zip-loc bag with newspaper or plastic peanuts stuffed around it.) Have a UPS account?

Send me a return packing label and I'll ship it back UPS.

Total cost is then $55.00 - shipping Priority mail USPS. (HM-151, HM-133 (for FM), HM-154T, HM-36 Xiegu mic) (continental USA only) ($100 ins. value)(all mics are fully insured upon return)

( I can't be responsible for USPS mishaps) I'm easy on whatever return shipping arrangement you want.
This method is very reliable and a good value.

If you are US, but not in the continental USA, please email me for cost. (NOTE: Canada is $63 total due to the $21 shipping cost 1st class.  Ship Microphone without the coil cord (removable only on the HM-151,207 & 133) and international bank check in USD to: (You may pay by PayPal. I will email you when your mic is ready to ship and you pay then.)

Bob Nagy - AB5N
103 Georgian St.
Hot Springs, AR. 71901

501-538-0201 (for inquires only- no payments)

PayPal is:

You may also order a mic from a US dealer and have them ship it to me. I will modify it and ship it to you. You pay via PayPal when I ship it out. The dealers all know me.

DX Station Return Mic Shipping: Western European countries are generally $27.50 for 1st class shipping ($69.50 USD total). Total charge for Canada is - $63.00. NOTE: There is a new US post office service to Europe. It is Priority mini-box service for $46.40. It is 6-10 day delivery. (total: $88.40 USD)
Although fairly expensive, I highly suggest this service. Email confirm if you want this shipping.

Please email me to get the exact shipping prior to paying.

PS: This upgrade and all communications are carried out using solar energy.

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