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Parts Kits with Video for HM-151, HM-36, MH-3 and HM-207

I am making a kit form of the upgrade available for DX stations mainly.

But email me if you will only consider the kit form and are a domestic station.
The cost is $23.00 USD plus 17.00 Shipping ($40.00 USD total). US Domestic stations: $28.00 . The kit includes the type #2 Mic element, capacitor/matching assembly, foam inserts and a video CD of the install process (windows media file). It does not include the 1oz lead weight which is easy to obtain and not worth the postage to ship. (fishing weight or washers). HM-36 and HM-3 does not use the foam insert. DX stations- you can still send me your mic too! Select if you have a Japanese or Chinese made mic for kits.


NOTE: Please email me a confirm email separately - as PayPal has ceased forwarding kit orders to me!  Click on this address and send a short email to: (just saying you've ordered)

When Ordering - Please Select the Country of Origin of your Mic (only applicable to HM-151) All other mics just select Chinese and note your mic type in an email to me)

                                 HM-151/207/36/HM-3  Kit - Chinese       HM-151 Parts Kit - Japanese



NOTICE: US Domestic stations- I will sell you a kit as well for $28. Please PayPal to and then email me here to confirm your order and shipping address. 




PS: This upgrade and all communications are carried out using photovoltaic energy.  My other product is :


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