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Optimized Upgrades for Icom, Yaesu, Elecraft & Xiegu Mics

 Better Audio is Possible!


Icom, Yaesu and Elecraft make some of the best ham radios out there - period. But like with most complex electronic devices,

improvements often can be made.


When the IC-7000 came out, I noticed that it's TX audio was not what it

should or could be. It took me about a month to design an upgrade mod

that would make the radio shine. A friend suggested I help others with their IC-7000's and that's how my small business started. I've expanded to several other mics now. The latest addition is the Yaesu MH-48 hand mic.


My prime focus is getting better audio out of these radios. If you have a HM-133, HM-151, HM-36, HM-207, HM-145T, Elecraft MH-3 or Xiegu mic, I can have you making better TX audio in a very short time. Sure, there are mods out there on the net, but if you want a custom element and guaranteed performance (and don't want to risk bricking your mic) send it to me - and a few days later, you'll be a happy camper! Check my reviews from over 8500 satisfied Hams. (



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