I'm Bob Nagy - AB5N.  I, like you, am a owner of the exciting  IC-7000 by Icom.
I have to give it highest ratings across the board except for one glaring problem, the HM-151 hand microphone - and it's low output & poor sound quality .

I've solved the problem by engineering an upgrade which gives this mic the superb audio quality and output you need to make the 7000 really shine! Read on and see if what I am proposing might be just what you need. I'm also upgrading other Icom mics now.

Icom is shipping the 7000 with a Chinese-made HM-151 now. Click here for info on it if your mic says "Made in China" on the back. And yes, I'm still doing these upgrades as of 2014.

The HM-133 mic seems to also have low and tinny audio when used with some radios.
(ID-880 -IC-2820) FM is really thin and Dstar sounds like a robot with a headcold. I've worked out the optimum upgrade at a discounted price for the HM-133. Check it out here.

Also the IC-7200 & IC-7600's Chinese HM-36 - is muddy. My Type #2 element works gangbusters in it also. Click here to read more about it.

  Check out my video testing a new IC-7000's mic audio levels


Bob Nagy - AB5N - 103 Georgian St. Hot Springs, AR. 71901